90 days to maturity. This heirloom cauliflower has exceptional flavor, super nutrition, insect resistance and astounding color. It’s no wonder Sicily Purple has been handed down from generation to generation. Big 2-3 pound heads are brilliant purple in the garden more »

A superb alternative to white cauliflower, with attractive florets in an unusual lime-green color. The crisp, tasty heads measure 15-23cm (6-9″) across and mature in autumn.

This delicious Italian variety with 2-lb, bright apple-green heads that are superb cooked or raw in salads. Very attractive, vigorous plants, fairly early.

70 days — ‘Igloo’ is a late season variety that is excellent fresh, but was developed for freezing or processing. Its heads are heavy, bright white, about seven inches across, and protected from frost by its dense, upright foliage, also more »

This late maturing cauliflower produces beautiful, firm, white heads that are well protected by leaves. Cauliflower ‘Autumn Giant 4’ is a reliable variety for late autumn and winter crops of cauliflower which can be cut from November. Height: 18 inches. more »

Small white, fine quality dense heads, grow quickly and mature in 68-70 days. Cauliflowers originated from southern Italy. Mark Twain called it cabbage with a college degree. They prefer well drained soil with near neutral pH and sunny spot. Keep more »

Brassica oleracea (botrytis group)

Snowball Early has smooth medium-deep round solid 6 inch heads. They are smaller compact plants that are well adapted to warm and milder regions. The cauliflower produces good white heads that weigh 1.5 to 2 pounds. Read More…

Brassica oleracea (botrytis group)

Snowball Y Improved is a self-blanching strain that needs no tying. Deep well rounded smooth white 6 to 6.5 inch heads with smooth curds. Used for fall and winter harvest and for both fresh market and freezing. Reliable, heavy yielding large plant. Read More…