Contract Production

Planting and harvest times for contract production grown in the Southwest Desert area of Arizona and California are as follows:


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Where We Grow


On a smaller scale we produce many other herbs, flowers, and specialty items too numerous to list. Please check with us for your specialty seed production needs.

Additional Information concerning our contract production:

  • Hybrid Broccoli seed is our specialty. Our staff has over 25 years experience in working with this crop.
  • Hybrid and selected open pollinated short day onion varieties are produced from seed to bulb to seed.
  • Our customers receive regular crop reports and pictures of their fields throughout the growing season.
  • All fields are rogued a minimum of two times and more often if needed or at the customer’s request.
  • All seed produced under contract is cleaned and packaged at Condor Seed facilities by trained company personnel.
  • Small plot or cage (net house) seed production can be conducted on experimental varieties.
  • Nicking trials can be conducted on any hybrid varieties prior to the first season of seed production.
  • Quality control growouts are conducted on all lots of seed produced by Condor Seed.

Please contact us for more specific information and price quotes on contract production or pre-plant bookings.