Condor Seed Hosted Alforex (DOW) Alfalfa Field Day

On May 2, Alforex Seed in cooperation with Condor Seed and Daily Farms hosted an Alfalfa Field Day in Yuma, AZ.  Included in this side-by-side trial were four proprietary and two public non-dormant (FD 9 & FD 10) varieties.  The Alforex entries featured salt tolerant and “low-lignin” traits.   The ability to tolerate saline soils AND produce high yields was of primary interest to local growers and was demonstrated by PGI 908S which lead the trial in bale counts.  The nutritional results from Alforex’s newest “low-lignin” varieties, AFX960 and AFX 1060, clearly demonstrated the quality advantages of the low lignin trait, i.e., a point of keen interest to the dairyman who is looking to produce more milk per acre and to those exporting to overseas markets.

This is a commercial alfalfa field and will be in production for approximately 3 years.  If you wish to visit and learn more, please contact Condor Seed and ask for Tom Prata.