Condor Seed custom conditions many kinds and varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seed for our customers. Some items that we routinely condition are listed below along with our standard custom rates.

Broccoli, Cauliflower & other Brassica

Onion (includes color sorting)

$0.25/clean seed pound

$0.55/clean seed pound

Our minimum charge is $400.00 per lot for most species.

Please contact us to receive specifics of our custom seed cleaning contract and a quote for your specific needs.


1-250 lbs.

251-500 lbs.

501-1000 lbs.

1,001 lbs. & up

$100.00 minimum





Specific Condor Seed employees are licensed through the Arizona Department of Agriculture to apply various labeled seed treatments. The most common treatment we apply is Thiram fungicide using a slurry mix. Our standard price for Thiram application is $0.32/pound with a minimum charge of $50.00 per lot. For custom treating where the seed is packed back in the same bags, the price is $0.37/pound.

Volume discounts are available. Please e-mail us for specific price quotes.


In our trial grounds we conduct experimental seed production for our customers on new varieties and/or species. Some of these experimental productions are done in the open field and others are done in net houses or cages. Prices for the open field production vary depending upon the species and specific requirements. We maintain good inventory on three different cage sizes for which we charge a flat rate to take any species or variety from sowing through seed harvest and cleaning. Below are the three cage sizes.

12’ x 24’ (.0066 acres)

24’ x 24’ (.0132 acres)

24’ x 48’ (.0624 acres)

24’ x 96’ (.1248 acres)






Yuma Arizona’s warm Fall, mild sunny Winter and early Spring provide an ideal climate to obtain timely genetic evaluations on a wide variety of vegetable and herb species. Our trial grounds are set up for furrow irrigation in order to provide the best possible growing conditions for each variety.We invite you to contact us for specific information regarding sowing times and price quotes.