Orach, Fire Red (Atriplex hortensis)

Orach, Fire Red (Atriplex hortensis) belongs to the spinach family. It is a native to the Alps and is sometimes called “Mountain Spinach”. Fire Red is a brilliant crimson purple. The color is most intense at the sprout and micro greens stage and remains good as the plant matures. Arrowhead shaped leaves will brighten any salad or micro greens mix. Erect and rapid growth. Ready to harvest for micro greens in 20 days and for baby leaf harvest in 28 days. (Note: there are a small percentage of all green plants.)


One curious fact about Orach is the seeds are dimorphic. This means that the plant produces two distinctively different seed, a large brown seed and a small black seed! A high percentage of dormant seeds is also inherent to Orach.